patients forget up to 85%
of instructions given to
them by physicians


physicians are often
overburdened by
repetitive work


extending trust bond into recovery at home

using primarius


for clinics

Increased patients satisfaction by
addressing their needs

Extending service to rehabilitation at home

Proliferation of hospital image into patient’s
social environment

Fewer re-admissions

Shorter stay in the clinic

all above at no additional load on
medical team


for patients,
caregivers &
family members

Authorized information for orientation,
action and support from the doctors they trust
and from ptients with learned experiences

how does it work?

Send us your contacts and you will receive
description of PRIMARIUS service, how we prepare
the contents, what kind of input from the clinic we need,
how the service is delivered to the patients, what kind
of follow up information can you expect and more.

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