patients forget up to 85%
of instructions given to
them by physicians


caregivers & family
members do not have
sufficient knowledge


acquiring best practice from experienced patients

how does
primarius work?


on discharge ask for
voucher with rehabilitation


when at home login with
your access code


select the coaching
topic from the menu


listen to doctors and
learn from patients with
educated experiences


get free tips for a
succesful recovery

Sample video – patient

Diagnosis: Acute Myocardial Infarction
Topic: Medications and Side Effects
Video title: “Taking the pills becomes a routine.”

Sample video – doctor

Diagnosis: Acute Myocardial Infarction
Topic: Relation Between Smoking and Infarction
Video title: Quit Smoking

what should they do?

I had a heart attack. What kind of life should I expect
from now on? What can I do to improve my life? How
have other patients coped with this situation? What did
the doctor say, exactly? (John, 55)

Six weeks ago our son was treated for a badly broken leg
aer being hit by a car. Now the doctors have removed
the plaster cast. What should we do? His leg is so tiny!
What should we do with our boy’s little leg to help him
grow big and strong? (I&B, 33&34)

The wife of a man who has had abdominal aorta replacement
surgery sits in the waiting room. What should she
do when her husband comes home from the hospital?
How can she help him? (Pepina, 59)

What kind of support should (and can) grandchildren
give when their grandmother is diagnosed with heart
failure? (Tina, 21)

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