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Exploring the optimal duration of video

Primarius conducted a study to find how the duration of video influences the retention of watching in eLearning health platform.




The results were presented on the Third European Congress on Cardiology & eHealth 2016 in Berlin. Primarius was rewarded with a poster presentation.


Primarius Poster


eLearning has been put forward as a novel mode of delivering education to coronary artery disease patients in the post-discharge setting. In eLearning, medically and scientifically sound videos with both peer patients and (para-) medical caregivers are used to teach patients about the aetiology, pathophysiology and treatment of their medical condition. Optimal video duration to both efficiently convey a medical message and ensure that patients watch it completely, however, is still unknown. The purpose of this substudy was to investigate the impact of video duration on cardiac patients’ viewing behaviour.


In this substudy, 135 coronary artery disease patients were enrolled. Upon discharge, they received a one-month access to a secure and commercially available eLearning platform by a voucher (containing an anonymous personal log-in code).The platform was composed of 20 video units (fig. 1) each of which contained 3 videos (fig. 2). Both peer patients and (para-)medical caregivers participated in the videos. Video content was elaborated to cover all topics relevant in cardiac rehabilitation for ischemic heart disease. The videos were divided into two groups based on their duration (short group for duration < 100 sec and long group for duration > 100 sec). Platform usage was captured by web logging during whole study period. Video retention rate was defined as the ratio of video viewing time to total video duration. Only videos that were watched ≥ 5 times were included in the final analysis. Independent t-tests for mean values and f-test for variance were used to compare retention rates between the short and long groups.


Berlin 26-28 October 2016


Our team got a chance to update with contemporary efforts in the field of eCardiology.

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