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primarius is specialized in video production in
the area of health and medicine.

why would you choose us and not any other production house?

Our team consists of a video production crew and medical professionals.

We realize filming in medical institutions can be tricky.

We know doctors need to preserve their integrity but we can also coach them to present their experiences in a video in a way that assures achieving project goals.

We are skilled in building bridges between doctors and patients when using multimedia technologies.

We understand it’s not easy for patients to openly talk about their medical condition.

With proper approach we provide safe environment which assures patients to share their story with emotion and sincerity.

We have international experience in preparing video material with medical content.

what we offer

Coaching for medical professionals on how to act in front of a camera.

Coaching for patients on how to act in front of a camera.

Content development – help in co-creation of ideas, scripts and interviews.

Filming interviews and promotional material postproduction.

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your video projects won’t flatline with primarius.

International References:
Hartcentrum Hasselt, Jessa Clinic, Hasselt, Belgium

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