Filming doctors
Diagnosis: Acute Myocardial Infarction
Language: Slovenian
Cardiologist participating: dr. Marko Gričar, dr. med and primarij Darko Zorman, dr.med
Location: University Medical Centre Ljubljana, dr. Gričar’s office


Primarius team is back at work after the holidays and also back at the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana. This time we had an appointment with dr. Gričar who really took time for our interview and illustratively explained everything we asked for with everyday life examples.




AMI is sort of like a car accident. Those who are speeding don’t always crash, on the other hand, a very careful driver can get involved in a horrific car accident.
dr. Marko Gričar




After dr. Gričar went back to work we get an unexpected chance to make a short interview with dr. Zorman, head of catheter laboratory.


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